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At Iconik Lashes Studio, we have some of the finest professional experts in the business working with us to help give us a better idea of beautiful eyelash extensions, latest beauty trends, modern techniques, and high standard products for your complete satisfaction.

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Mink Eyelash Extensions Service Garden Grove


Iconik Lashes Studio is a one stop eyelash extensions shop for all you needs, with distinct lash extension services, Iconik Lashes Studio could exclusively draw an edge in the Beauty industry.

High quality & light weight ideals for anyone who like to wake up with thicker longer and more defined lash without mascara or eyelash curler necessarily, perfect for all occasions, wedding, graduation, tropical vacation and everyday wear.

We are Orange County premieres experts in quality eyelash extensions & eyebrow threading. Iconik Lashes Studio is an environmentally conscious firm that put its principle ahead of it acquisition and our mission is to bring out the beauty window to your Soul.


If you are looking for high quality eyelash extensions near you in Garden Grove, CA, your are at the right place.

Our motto is to be the premier Studio & Company of choice in the lash care industry.

Our Value progressives artistry unique beauty providing client exceptional service with the highest Standards quality beauty product we specialize in, customizing each client unique eye shape & natural lash conditions, using only the highest quality Mink Lashes & Silk Lashes.

So make an appointment today to “Iconik Lashes Studio” the window to your Soul 714-487-2819

Eyelash Extensions Shop in Garden Grove



We Love Challanges

Highest Quality Mink light weight with a shimmer look
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We love challanges

The finest quality silk light weight of Matte Black looks
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We love challanges

Known as 2D,3D, means 3 lashes are place onto one natural lash
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We love challanges


Know as a eyelash lift, enhance your natural lash stay curl four to six week
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We love challanges

Method remove hair mainly facial hair
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It is better to be a good specialist in one business than an average in several.
Our eyelash studio knows about it like no other.

Eyelash Studio in California

Always Beautiful Eyes

Experienced craftsmen, modern technologies, consultation.

Mink Eyelash Extensions Service Garden Grove

No More Makeup

With extended eyelashes you can walk up to 4 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions Shop in Garden Grove


Work without gluing, warranty, premium materials.

Eyelash Extensions Shop in Garden Grove

You can Swim in THE Sea

We are distinguished by an individual approach to each client.




Being one of the best beauty care studios, Iconik Lashes Studio provides the complete range of quality eyelashes extensions to our valued clients. Relax in the calm environment of our large, spacious rooms and enjoy your day of pampering. From mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes, we have all the services you require.

We cater for all aspects of lash care needs and we endeavor to offer a great customer experience customized to your individual needs.

Eyelash Studio in California
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Mink Eyelash Extensions Service Garden Grove
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Eyelash Extensions Shop in Garden Grove
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Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelash, typically 4 to 6 weeks. If keep clean without make up residue.

The main difference between the two is not in their material but in their shape, finish and weight, Silk lashes have a matte black look and  Mink Lashes, they have a glamorous semi-gloss finish.

Mascara or any type of oil based can dissolve the boxing agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions glue and bottoms lashes apply mascara be sure not to touch upper extensions until it dry, eye shadow can be used as long as it oil free and remove daily.

If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lash. Be sure not to rub your eyelash extensions, pull or using thicker heavy extensions than your natural lash because this can cause lash loss, and even damage your natural lashes due heavy weight.

♥ Only use oil-free makeup remover
♥ Proper hygiene is very important, please keep lashes clean by regularly washing, let the soap run through your eyelash extensions, pad Gentle with towel and let them air dry.
  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eye.
  • When applying facial and eye creams avoid lash line.
  • If your eyelash are tangled or crossed over, use the brush given to you during your appointment, gently brush straight and put them in place.
Client expectation!
  • If Your lashes are naturally born frail and black to begin with due to your ethnicity. Just like when you want to bleach your hair at the salon, the color will not always be the same blonde on everyone.
  • If Your natural eyelashes were damaged & fragile to begin with.
  • Naturally anyone aged 35 or older will have thinner & brittle lashes due to their age.  Because they weren’t taken care of correctly by using the heavy synthetic lashes from elsewhere, they have weakened your lashes even more.
  • Women going though menopause experience hot flashes which  decreases the life of the glue on the lash due to body temperatures changing just like a pregnant person going through temperature changes as well. Hormone imbalance due to menopause or pregnancy will result in the same.
  • Natural oily skin, humidity, mascara will all result in a shorter life length of the glue
  • Here at Iconik Lashes Studio, not only do we do lash extensions for   clients, but we also preserve their natural lashes at the same time to keep them healthy and long lasting. The type of lashes we use here are fine and not heavy to preserve our clients long lasting natural lashes.
  • We hope our future clients will have a better expectation in their results.

Iconik Lashes technician will consult with you the shape of your eye which lash or length work best your natural lashes from natural to mega volume.

Clients who Develop an allergic reaction to their eyelash extension adhesive will typically experience swelling & itching of the eyelids, these usually show up within the first (72 hour) of complete of a lash service Any person can develop an allergy at any point in their life-even if they’ve never been allergic before.


Amazing place! I love getting my eyelashes done here. I have tried other places that offer Groupon deals but their quality of eyelashes is horrible! At Iconik lashes I know that I always get the best!
Eyelash Extensions Shop in Garden Grove
Janett Robinson
I’m so glad I found Iconik Lashes on Instagram, such a friendly and professional environment to come to. I was looking for a trust worthy lash technician for months and now I have one. I have referred so many friends and family to Iconik Lash Studio And they fell in love with their work. I 100% recommend this place if your looking to get high quality beautiful lashes!
Eyelash Studio in California
Alexia Torres
I love the beautiful lashes I get at this studio. They are soft and natural looking. They hold up to the sweat and swimming I do as an athlete. I make an appointment about every two to three weeks. I highly recommend Iconik
Mink Eyelash Extensions Service Garden Grove
Yvonne Morrison
Eyelash Extensions Shop in Garden Grove


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